Navigation is the art of getting from one place to another, safely and efficiently.


One of the earliest man-made navigation tools was the mariner`s compass. The navigator would rub an iron needle against magnetic lodestone, attach it to a piece of straw and float the straw in a bowl of water. The needle would point in a northerly direction, helping the navigator to chart a true course.

The dedicated professionals of  LodeStone Financial Services specialize in helping our clients chart a safe and efficient financial course.


D`Cater Joseph, Claud Jacobs, Howard Goode, David Petty.

We take pride in our many years of experience and in our ability to respond personally to your questions and concerns. Entering the uncharted financial world of the 21st century will be an exciting challenge, and we are prepared to be your guides.

We hope that this site will further your awareness of how our business works and the services we provide. If you have questions, please feel free to call or email us.

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